My working life was spent in the advertising and
publishing industries where I was responsible for
reproducing the works of professional photographers and writers, for publication in newspapers, magazines and all sorts of printed promotional items.

Now retired, I simply want to make photos and video
clips that express the pleasure that I derive from visiting
and shooting as many different locations as possible.

This blog is intended to be a journal of things that I learn
and the experiences that I have when making photos and
video clips of places near where I live.

I am not a professional photographer – merely an
enthusiastic amateur, discovering the joy of photography in
my twilight years.

My plan is to share the things that I learn whilst on this
journey, in the hope that others will also learn from my
experiences. And, hopefully, others will also advise and teach me new things too.

Other commentators have written that if a group of us are standing at the same spot, at the same time, on the same day, each of us will see the scene before us differently. Our views will be reflected differently in each of the photos we shoot. Then, if we individually process our digital files, the differences we saw in the scene will be magnified. Thus, we celebrate the joy of our human differences.

Please feel free to add your comments, advice and any
helpful criticism you have to offer, as each story on this
journey is published.