Continuous focus /continuous shooting FZ2500

Each summer members of our local camera club are invited to record the annual Surf To Surf Fun Run in Warrnambool, here in south west Victoria, Australia.

This year we had 15 members located strategically around the 10km and 6km courses. The result was more than 10,000
images uploaded to the WCCI website where
participants can download free images of themselves
in action.

This was an ideal opportunity to test the FZ2500 in a
continuous focus/continuous shooting situation.

Setting up the camera was quite easy. For Continuous Focus just set the focus switch on back of camera to AFC. Turn the shooting mode dial on top left of camera to Continuous
Shooting position and you’re ready to go!

The FZ2500 is super fast when set to continuous
shooting. Fortunately you get a choice of three Burst Speeds in the set up menu – H, M or L. H is very fast. Just touching the shutter release gives about 15 frames before you can blink!
L was a bit slow for running athletes so I stuck with the
M setting, but even this speed records about 8 frames with one touch of the shutter!

Anyway, in only 1.5 hours shooting I recorded 5,800 images. However, heavy editing reduced these files to 2,900
selections, most of which were uploaded to the club’s
Using Quick Time Pro I was able to generate a very interesting time-lapse style movie sequence from the 5,800, images which runs for 13 minutes.

In our part of the world, camera clubs can enter audio video sequences created from still images, into State-wide
competitions. The 3-21 section of these competitions
requires that a sequence be exactly 3 minutes and 21
seconds duration between the first and last frames.
Here is a sample A/V made from a selection of the fun run


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