Equipment I use

Recently I find my photo interests turning more and more to shooting video clips and editing them into short movie memories. Having recently sold some disused camping gear I purchased a new camera which will enable me to improve my video and movie making skills in ways I only previously dreamed of.

The new camera is a Panasonic Lumix FZ2500, which comes with an amazing degree of  video capability in a relatively inexpensive package.

Lumix FZ2500 Image © Panasonic International

Features I really like about the FZ2500 are the built-in ND filters, its 4k video recording plus raw photo recording, and 125 frames per second slow motion recording ability.

Until December 2016 my go-to equipment was:
Canon 650d DSLR.
Kit lenses: 18-55mm and 55-250mm.
Metz 50-AS1 Flash gun.
King wireless ETTL Flash trigger.
Weifeng tripod.
Various lens filters, shutter release timer and Swivi S3 foldable viewfinder.
This gear allowed me to indulge my passion for shooting still photos as well as enabling me to begin acquiring video recording skills.

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